Our GT-Pro simulator is one of the most advanced racing simulators available on the market today. Our top tier model features the latest technology KCR Simulators has to offer. With a variety of options available, including steering wheels, seats, and other cockpit solutions to fit your every need.

  • KCR GT-PRO Cockpit. Carbon fiber and aluminum light-weight construction.

  • KCR-210 Triple projector, cylindrical screen.

  • Tilton 600 series hydraulic pedals. Adjustable positioning.

  • Various wheel options available.

  • KCR Pro-Line PC. 2TB memory. Dual NVDIA graphics cards with SLI bridge.

Starting at $74,499

Installation & 1-year technical support included.

Full Motion Platform

Our unique us of carbon fiber & aluminum, lightweight design allows for a full motion chassis. All major driver controls operating in unison to create the most realistic feeling to the driver.


Direct drive steering, hydraulic Tilton 600 series pedals, and full containment seat including harness. Adjustable pedal and seating position. Adjustable steering and pedal mapping to suit various cars.

Complete immersion

KCR Simulators 210 degree cylindrical screen design fully immerses the driver for the most accurate field of view.


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